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Area of School Campus:

(i) In Acres

(ii) In Sq. Mtrs.

(iii) Built up area (Sq. Mtrs)

(iv) Area of playground in Sq. Mtrs.


7.70 Acres

31161 Sq. Mtrs.

5817.77 Sq. Mtrs.

12263.20 Sq. Mtrs.

Other Facilities:

(i) Swimming Pool

(ii) Indoor games

(iii) Dance Rooms

(iv) Gymnasium

(v) Hostel

(vi) Health and Medical Check-up

(vii) Music Rooms

(viii) Transport






Yes (only Girl Students)





Total Number of Sites of School 1
Total Number of Building Blocks 2
Total Area of School in Square Metres 31161
Total Number of Playgrounds 3
Total Area of Playground in Square Metres 12500
Total Number of Rooms 116
Total Number of Small – Sized Rooms 26
Total Number of Medium – Sized Rooms 79
Total Number of Large – Sized Rooms 11
Total Number of Female Rest Room 3
Total Number of Male Rest Room 3
Number of Girls’ Toilet 45
Number of Boys’ Toilet 65
Number of Toilets for Differently Abled Persons 0
Number of Washrooms for Female Staff 4
Number of Washrooms for Male Staff 4
Total Numbers of Libraries 2
Number of Laboratories 7
Total Number of Student Canteens 1
Total Number of Staff Canteens 1
Number of Water Purifiers/ROs 4
Number of Auditoriums 2
Number of Lifts/Elevators 0
Number of Digital Classrooms 28
Does the School has Hostel Facility YES
Does the School has Guards Employed for Safety YES
Does the School has Fire Extinguishers YES
Does the School has Sprinklers YES
Does the School has CCTV Cameras Installed YES
Is the School Examination Centre of CBSE YES
Total Number of Computers in All Computer Labs 75
Does the School has Web Servers YES
Does the School has a Boundary Wall? YES
Is your School Barrier Free/Has Ramps? YES
Does the School has Clinic Facility? NO
Does the School has Strong Room? NO
Does the School has a Gymnasium? NO
Is your School Wi-Fi Enabled? YES
Provision of Web Based Learning Program YES
Does the school has Fire Alarms? NO
Does the school has Sports Facility? YES
Does the school has Indoor Games Facility? YES
Does the school has Swimming Pool? NO
Does the school has Dance/Music facility? YES
Total Number of Buses owned 0
Total Number of Buses hired 0
Total Number of Vans/Matadors 0
Total Number of Drivers 0
Total Number of Activity Rooms 4

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