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The Society Servants of the Holy Spirit was founded by St. Arnold Janssen with the strong support of the co-foundresses Blessed Maria Helena Stollenburg and Blessed Josepha Stenmanns in Steyl, Netherlands. The founder envisioned that we cross boundaries and reach-out to those in need. He had a strong sense of universality and had a Global outlook. He founded 2 Missionary Congregations and sent out thousands of men religious and women religious to different parts of the world communicating that we are brothers and sisters belonging to the One God the Father / Mother of us all.

He recognized that every human being is a powerful agent of God, filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit animates and leads us from Within to reach out and touch the world. The Sisters, Servants of the Holy Spirit came to India in the Year 1932 and there after, began the services in Kalyanmal Nursing Home, Indore and then in St. Raphael’s Girls HS School Indore. Holy Spirit Sisters came to Khandwa in the Year 1St April, 1940 and set up St. Mary’s Hostel, giving priority to Girls’ education. They also attended to the medical needs of the people in the rural areas of East Nimar. They set up health centers, leprosarium and hostels for girls in the interior villages.

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