Theme for The Year

The academic year is centered on a carefully chosen theme. The theme is used as a powerful tool to motivate every Holy Spiritan to obtain the goals she/ he sets for the year.

Year of Positivity : 2021-22

Holy Spirit Convent Higher Secondary School has chosen 'Positivity' as the theme for the academic year 2021-22.

As we begin this year, we stand in solidarity with the entire humanity that has been suffering due to the pandemic. The whole creation has been facing the Coronavirus pandemic. Everywhere we can see an atmosphere of fear & anxiety. There is a lot of negativity. Our staff, students & the entire school fraternity is part of this current situation.

Our mission is to unleash the power of positivity in every student and the staff by enhancing their practical optimism by focusing on the hope, small acts of kindness, emotional mindfulness, brain and body exercise and positive surroundings. This approach will have transformation in the students, parents and teachers because the wonderful thing about positivity is that it does not just affect one area of our life, but our whole self and surrounding. This creates a ripple effect. When we are filled with joy and peace, we become a better student, parent, friend and teacher. Let's become a beacon of hope & positivity.