The PTA of academic year 2021-22 was formed after a virtual meeting with the nominated members, since the pandemic is still on. The aims and objectives functions were explained to them. The members gave their consent and later they were present to sign in the register.

The following are the PTA members, their designation, address and contact numbers.

Holy Spirit Convent Higher Secondary School
Vatsala Vihar, Civil Line, Khandwa-450001 (M.P.)
S.No. Name Designation Occupation Contact No. Address
1. Sr. Veronica Veera Rodrigues President Principal 8758459920 Holy Spirit Convent, Vatsala Vihar, Khandwa
2. Mrs. Priyanka Patel Vice-President Parent 9131218904 Shani Mandir, Bhawani Mata Road, Khandwa
3. Mr. Nitin Gaikwad General Secretary Parent 9826744146 Ganesh Talai, Khandwa
4. Mr. Juned Imran Khan Joint Secretary Teacher 9285423076 Bada Bum, Khandwa
5. Mrs. Bhawana Jain Treasurer Teacher 9826512229 Navkar Nagar, Khandwa
6. Executive Members
i. Mr. Rupesh Soni Member Parent 9340656032 33, Azad Nagar, Rameshwar Ward, Near Ganesh Talai, Khandwa
ii. Sr. Usha Barla Member Vice-Principal 7869667232 Holy Spirit Convent, Vatsala Vihar, Khandwa
iii. Sr. Vanitha S. Member Head Mistress 7223852745 Holy Spirit Convent, Vatsala Vihar, Khandwa
iv. Mr. Rajesh Rayke Member Parent 9826408949 Shanti Nagar, Khandwa
v. Mrs. Kavita Suryawanshi Member Teacher 9179307656 New St. Thomas Hostel, Ganesh Talai, Khandwa
vi. Mrs. Reena Kanugo Member Teacher 6265803234 Near Prem Parisar, Anand Nagar, Khandwa